Date: 2014-05-07 12:11 am (UTC)
ghost_lingering: bonobos (stability in the tramway)
2 & 3 on your list both have me nodding along going "yes, yes!". 1 and 4 aren't as immediately obvious to me, but I'm enjoying thinking about them. And I want to echo other commenters on non-song audio in vidding -- music isn't the only audio choice we can make. (Though I think it's the most popular because of point #2 and because who doesn't like listening to music?)

In some ways, this reluctance to theorize is a community-building move, I think: the importance of song choice is one of the first principles of vidding fandom, and if you don't get it, you're not One Of Us.

I think it's also that we just don't always agree on what makes a good song choice, because people don't always agree on what makes a good *song*. There are songs that I loathe that other people love and vice versa. How many times have I seen "wow, this vid was great, even though I don't like the song" or "gosh that's a terrible vid song it's so overused" -- a contradiction in terms if I ever heard one!

So when it comes to vidding we might agree on the broad strokes, on the things a song needs in order to be a good vid song, but when it comes to specific songs and artists there's disagreement and often judgement. When I started as a vidder I encountered tons of taste shaming, to the point where I was very deliberate about trying to avoid certain types of music, not because *I* thought it would be a bad choice but because I thought *other vidders* would say it was a bad choice and judge me for using it. I remember going through my iTunes to make sure that most of the music I listened to was "good" music, i.e. that it wouldn't get made fun of if I made a vid to it. So as much as "Good Song Choice" can be community *building* it can also delineate who belongs and who doesn't in some pretty gross ways. "She's not a real vidder because she uses such-and-such music; everyone knows vids to those songs are terrible." Meanwhile you can find thousands of vids to that song/artist on YouTube.

I do think that this has changed, especially because there are so many more vidders and more vids now than there were ten years ago and as a result there are many more perspectives and personal tastes and definitions of what makes a "good" song represented. Or, maybe I'm just not seeing it because I'm more selective in where I go in fannish spaces now. Still, it was a prevailing thought for a long long time when I picked music for vids, that I wanted to pick something that wouldn't get scorned and mocked.
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