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For posterity! ...or, uh, something like that.

I know I normally use this account to post about research-y things, and I do actually have things to post about that! But this post is about the students in my fandom class, because they are hi-larious.

1) Earlier this week one of them said she'd been posting things I say in class to her Facebook page. Another one said "We should make a Google Doc!" They now have a shared Google Doc that they are using to compile things I say in class. They have even shared the link with me. Thus far I have been afraid to look.

2) When I posted about the Google Doc on Facebook, more than one alum commented to let me know that they did the same thing (though not on Google Docs). One of them even provided some of the quotes... from Fall 2008. WHAT.

3) One of this semester's assignments in the fandom class is to contribute to Fanlore. It's turning out to be a good assignment, generally speaking, though it has had some... unintended consequences. I suppose I should have anticipated that they would figure out how to make a Fanlore page about me. I need to go in and fix parts of it, but I am too busy crying with laughter.
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OMG how fun!

Also, you were on Scullyfic back in the day? Did I know that?
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Boy have they embraced fannish cultural practices or WHAT?
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omg your students. ♥ ♥ ♥
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OMG, that's lovely! Also, I need to use that fanlore assignment...