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2016-01-06 02:31 pm


Signs that I have been working on this book for too long: I was working on the current crisis chapter and suddenly thought "Oh, gosh, there's this whole other huge thing I need to talk about in another chapter!" So I typed a quick paragraph and then went to put it in the "things to add" section of the relevant chapter... and then discovered that a) there was another similar note already there; b) the idea is in fact already in the chapter; I'd just forgotten about it because it's been so long since I, you know, looked at that chapter.

In related news, I am reminding myself to say no to things this spring, because although I accomplished many things last fall, none of them were this book. I'm not quite to the point of existential despair about this situation, but I am not happy about it.
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2014-02-12 03:29 pm

Writer woes

You guys, I am rapidly becoming convinced that my secret superpower is my apparently unstoppable ability to hide my point at the end of a paragraph/section/chapter/whatever. It is not a good superpower. I don't want it.
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2013-11-08 11:37 am

I can't decide whether to call this a victory or not...

...but I have just discovered, upon re-reading, that I hid the first paragraph of this chapter in the middle of page 10. Which is good, because it means I've already written it, but also a bit embarrassing, because honestly, what was I thinking?

The book, in case you were wondering, is still not writing itself.

I am strongly tempted to have a beer with lunch. I don't even like beer.
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2013-07-23 04:56 pm

In progress: chapter 2

At present, the draft of the chapter about the process of vidding is almost exactly 8,000 words. The section on song choice is about 1,600 words--so, about 20% of the chapter.

Yeah, that seems about right.

(Both the chapter as a whole and this section will eventually be much longer; I'm in the Shitty First Draft™ stage where most of what I've written is underdeveloped and the rest is cryptic shorthand comprehensible only to me. Or, well, let's hope it's still comprehensible to me when I come back to this chapter, because if not this is going to be a really short book.)
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2013-07-16 04:50 pm

It's official!

As of this afternoon's trip to the post office, I have a contract with the University of Iowa Press for a book tentatively titled The Ecology of Vidding.


My deadline is Dec. 31, which means that between now and then nobody is allowed to ask me "Shouldn't you be working on the book?" because everybody already knows that the answer is yes and if I'm not doing so it's because I'm doing teaching prep and/or I'm completely fried. I'm going to have to apologize to my students pre-emptively on the first day of class. *facepalm*
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2012-10-01 12:05 pm

Research update: book! + thoughts on fan labor

After my last post, I realized belatedly that I've never officially mentioned the book project I'm working on, though a few of you have kindly listened to me go on (and on and on) about it offline and/or in private.

The short version is that I am working on a book proposal for the University of Iowa Press, which is starting a new fan studies series. An editor at the press contacted me a while back and asked if I'd like to write a book for them, to which I said "...um, okay," because while I hadn't given much thought to writing a book about vids (my last book-length project was my PhD dissertation, which primarily inspires thoughts of oh god never again no way), I am not so stupid that I'd say no to that question when somebody from an actual university press comes asking.

I hasten to add that the book is not a done deal: There's no contract, I haven't even turned in the proposal yet, etc. But I am, to my own surprise, actually excited about the prospect. Or at least more excited than terrified. Most days. *facepalm*

more under the cut )

So that is what I've been thinking about for the past week, partly just because I think it's interesting but also because I think it's something that might be useful in fan studies even outside the relatively small circle of people who are interested in vids specifically.
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2012-09-25 10:35 pm

I really should have seen this coming.

You guys, I have too many thoughts about vids. Way, way too many thoughts about vids.

Like, too many to fit in one book.


(Why yes, I did always identify with Willow, why do you ask?)