Jul. 12th, 2010

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The next stage of my vid-related research consists of interviewing vidders and vidwatchers in order to investigate vidding and vidwatching as literacy practices (see this post for more about this idea).

As I said in that post,
I'm interested in interviewing anybody who's willing to talk to me, including people who feel, or have felt in the past, that they don't (yet) know enough about vids to talk about them, who want to be able to leave substantive feedback about vids but sometimes have trouble doing so, etc. That is, I am not specifically looking for "expert opinions" on vids; I just want to talk to fans about their experiences making and/or watching vids, and especially about how they learned to make and/or watch vids.

I will be conducting interviews primarily by email, but I would like to start with in-person interviews at VividCon (yay, VividCon!), because that way I can adjust my questions as I go. One of the things I've noticed about every vid-related survey I've seen discussed is that the people filling out the survey often have very helpful suggestions for additional questions (or better ways of wording existing questions) and/or comments about which questions should be narrowed, broadened, or explained more clearly. I know that I and my research will benefit from any feedback in-person interviewees are willing to share with me before I start email interviews. (This is also why at this point I'm planning to gather information via interviews rather than surveys; my sense is that the aspects of vidding and vidwatching that I'm interested in studying can't be captured in polls and tickyboxes.)

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How to Volunteer

If you’re a vidder and/or vidwatcher and you’re willing to be interviewed for this project, email me at turkt at umn dot edu, or leave a comment on this post (all comments are screened, so only you and I will be able to see your response). If you comment on this post, be sure to include the email address at which you're willing to be contacted. If you are going to be at VividCon and are willing to volunteer for an in-person interview, please let me know that as well so that we can try to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk; I don't want to interfere with anyone's panel or vidshow attendance (including my own)! If you are going to be at VividCon but would prefer to be interviewed by email anyway, that's absolutely fine.

If you have questions about the project generally or interviews specifically, you are welcome to contact me: comment on this post, send a DW/LJ private message, or email me.

Please feel free to boost the signal by pointing your other vidding and vidwatching friends to this post!


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