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For reasons related to teaching rather than research, I'm re-reading James Paul Gee's essay "The New Literacy Studies and the 'Social Turn'," which I have not read in many years, and in which I have just come across the following paragraph:
Sociohistorical psychology, following Vygotsky and later Bakhtin, has argued that the human mind is "furnished" through a process of "internalizing" or "appropriating" images, patterns, and words from the social activities in which one has participated. Further, thinking is not "private," but almost always mediated by "cultural tools," that is, artifacts, symbols, tools, technologies, and forms of language that have been historically and culturally shaped to carry out certain functions and carry certain meanings (cultural tools have certain "affordances," though people can transform them through using them in new settings).

It will, I suspect, surprise nobody to learn that I wrote "Vidding!" in the margin.
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I am happy to report that the University of Minnesota IRB Human Subjects Committee has approved my plans to interview vidders and vidwatchers! So, beginning this summer, I will be conducting interviews (in person when possible, but also by email or phone).

I'm interested in interviewing anybody who's willing to talk to me, including people who feel, or have felt in the past, that they don't (yet) know enough about vids to talk about them, who want to be able to leave substantive feedback about vids but sometimes have trouble doing so, etc. That is, I am not specifically looking for "expert opinions" on vids; I just want to talk to fans about their experiences making and/or watching vids, and especially about how they learned to make and/or watch vids.

My goal is to use these interviews to think about vidding and vidwatching as literacy practices. I'll be posting more about this idea in the next few weeks, but here's the short version:

Of course, the short version is still four paragraphs long... )

Please note: I am not yet formally asking for interview volunteers; I will do that in a separate post. But I welcome any and all comments, and I am happy to answer any questions either about my interview plans or about this research more generally.

ETA: I've now posted a call for interview volunteers.


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