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Over the next few months, I want to start writing about vidding-related meta as well as vids themselves. With this in mind, I'm hoping to hear from as many people as possible:

What's your favorite vidding-related meta?

Link me to the public essays, discussions, vid commentaries, whatever, that you have found most personally interesting or useful or thought-provoking. I'm not looking for an exhaustive list; one or two links is fine (though feel free to include more if you can't narrow it down!). If you can't find or don't have time to look for the link, tell me what you can ("There was this great vidding chat about ____ in [livejournal.com profile] bop_radar's journal a few months ago..."). If it's a post or conversation from a mailing list (such as the vidder list on yahoogroups or a fandom-specific list) and thus can't be linked, again, tell me what you can and I'll try to track it down. Or, if it's easier, feel free to point me to your memories section or delicious links--although I really would love to know which of the posts on your list are your favorites, the ones most meaningful to you. And don't worry about whether it's something I've already read; old, new, well-known, obscure, on or off LJ/DW--it's all good. (I've read a fair amount of vidding meta, and I know what I find most interesting; now I want to know what other fans have found interesting.) It doesn't have to be by someone else; if there's something you wrote that you're particularly proud of, or that sparked really good conversation, point me to it!

Thanks in advance for any answers, links, and/or signal boosts!


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